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The clinic is where we apply our research, to provide the highest standard of care, to improve the lives of our patients.

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Patient Story: Lucy

My introduction to the wonderful team at UCLA was in 1997 when my late husband Cliff Groh Sr. was considering major surgery to remove and stop the spread of cancer.  The surgery would have been very invasive with a long recovery period. A friend put us in touch with Dr. Michael Phelps, inventor of the Positron Emission Tomography machine, at UCLA.  more →

Patient Stories

Patient Story: Kim

My story begins when I found a lump in my left breast in 1989. I was living in San Diego and I had brought the lump to the attention of my physician, who in turn sent me to a breast specialist. They did a mammogram and ultrasound and determined that it was probably just a cyst as it did not show up on either test. more →

Power Of PET

Brain Scan

The patient is a 48 -year-old female with a history of Sjogren’s syndrome and new-onset seizures. A negative work-up included an unremarkable MRI. The FDG PET brain scan was able to identify focally increased FDG uptake in the right mesiotemporal lobe indicating the presence of focal acute inflammation that explained the patient’s symptoms. This finding prompted further work up which led to the patient’s diagnosis of a thymoma. The patient made a full recovery after the surgical removal of the thymoma. more →

Power Of PET

Body Scan

A 26 year old female patient with metastatic melanoma. Rather than having to wait several months to see whether the experimental treatment is working, PET is able to quickly (within a few weeks) detect a good response to the new medication by demonstrating the resolution of FDG uptake in the metastatic lesions. Detecting a response (or the lack thereof) early, allows physicians to decide quickly whether to continue giving a medication or to switch to other treatments. more →

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