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The preclinical imaging facilities are staffed in assisting investigators with obtaining the necessary authorizations for animal and radioactivity usage; training new investigators on the operation and analysis of imaging systems; assisting with animal preparation, including minor surgery and catheterizations; operation and maintenance of the gas anesthesia systems, monitor animals during imaging...

Mass Spec

The Division owns a brand new Agilent Technologies 6460 mass spectrometer coupled to a new Agilent Technologies 1290 UHPLC.  Using these resources, researchers in the Division are able to perform a wide range of studies on both pre-clinical and clinical samples. These studies include cellular metabolite analyses in relation to perturbations caused by pharmacological and genetic interventions,...

Synthetic Chemistry

The chemistry laboratory of the Ahmanson Translational Imaging Division (ATID) focuses on image-driven drug development.  Our goal is to use PET imaging to accelerate and improve drug R&D at an early stage in the development process.  Driven by the biological research performed within the ATID, our lab aims to develop novel therapeutics in which we incorporate a cold (19F) fluorine atom...


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