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Sam Sadeghi, PhD

Dr. Sadeghi is the director of the Ahmanson Biomedical Cyclotron Facility, which produces a wide variety of clinical PET biomarkers, and oversees the translation of successful research probes to the clinic. Dr. Sadeghi graduated from University of Toronto, Engineering Science program and received his Ph. D. from U of Toronto in analytical/physical chemistry as an NSERC scholar in 2008. He was postdoctoral fellow at UCLA Crump institute 2009-2011. He has been a cofounder and an independent scientific and engineering consultant to several startups and small companies.

Dr. Sadeghi’s research team is working to improve radiofluorination and synthesis of existing position emission tomography (PET) tracers and develop new PET tracers that support accurate diagnosis and treatment management for cancer patients. Other research interests include analytical and instrumentation techniques, biosensors, applications of nonlinear dynamics in electrochemical systems and development of microfluidic devices.

Current projects include: Synthesis of fluorinated radiopharmaceuticals via electrochemical fluorination; Development of efficient and automated synthesis routes to label radiopharmaceutical molecules; Miniaturized on chip analytical techniques for separation and identification of solvents and impurities associated with synthesis of common PET probes; Development of automated electrochemical radiosynthesis platforms; Electrochemically assisted solvent exchange and automated flow-through synthesizers.

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